Management (or managing) is the process of directing the actions that use resources to achieve goals. Although it is important in any scope of application of the resources, the main reason for the study of the Administration is its impact on the performance of the organizations. It is the way that they are managed that makes the organizations that are more or less able to properly use its resources to reach the correct targets.

Acting as the link between the resources and objectives of an organization, corresponds to the professional Management to combine resources in appropriate proportion, being for this reason they have to make decisions constantly in a context of restrictions, because, no organization has all the resources and the capacity of information processing of the human being is limited. Manage involves the development of plans, opinions, reports, projects, arbitrations, and opinions, in which it is necessary the application of the knowledge inherent in the techniques of Administration.

The administration is the social science which studies and systematizes the practices used to manage.

The term "administration" means the direction, management. Or, is the act of administering or managing businesses, people, or resources, with the aim of reaching defined goals.

It is an area of knowledge founded on a set of principles, standards and functions that are designed to discipline the factors of production, in view of the scope of certain goals such as the maximization of the benefits or the proper provision of public services.

Presupposes the existence of an institution to be administered, that is, an organization is constituted by people and resources that interact in a particular environment, oriented to common goals.

The Administration is often taken as a synonym of Business Administration. However, this only makes sense if the term business is considered as a synonym of organization, which refers to the human efforts organized, made in common, with a specific purpose, a goal. It is appropriate to consider the Administration of Companies sub-area of the Administration, once this is an organization that may be public, mixed economy companies or private, with or without profit.

The need to organize the establishments born with the Industrial Revolution, which occurred in England in the XIX century, led to professionals of other areas older, example of Engineering, to find solutions specific to problems that did not exist before. Thus, the application of methods of science diverse, to manage these ventures, gave origin to the rudiments of the Science of Administration.

There are authors who consider that the Administration of an interdisciplinary area of knowledge, once you apply methods and knowledge from various sciences, such as Accounting, Law, Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, etc.

Do not confuse the management of a house or of the personal life, that has your art itself, however empirical, with the administration of an institution. Corporate management requires the knowledge and application of various models and management techniques, while the management of personnel can be done by people without additional qualifications. As an example of the dependence of the Science of Administration, to operate in an entrepreneurial manner, are Institutions of Public Law bodies or Private Law Entities, created, respectively, for social purposes or for profit.

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