Gender equality


There are many theoretical concepts that try to establish certain criteria when evaluating and promulgating equality between people. One of them is the concept of gender equality, which today we will try to describe and know in depth.

Equality and gender

Fairness, justice and equality are the parts on which the concept of equity is based. On the other hand, the way to associate and group individuals who share at least one or more characteristics is gender.

Equality and gender equality

Equality between men and women is protected by gender equity in the use of social services and goods. This means suppressing discrimination between the sexes and not preferring to favor men over women in the aspects that make up social life, as was the case, on a regular basis, decades ago in the whole of Western society.

Conditions for gender equality

"The rights, responsibilities and opportunities of each one will not depend on whether the person is male or female"

However, in order for gender equity to take place, two essential circumstances must be generated. On the one hand, equal opportunities and, on the other hand, create a series of conditions to take advantage of these opportunities.

We must bear in mind that gender equity means creating standards for those opportunities that exist and sharing them fairly between both sexes. Men and women must have the same development opportunities in all aspects; At a personal level, the opportunity to grow, to realize oneself and to be happy, as in the labor field. The state, therefore, must ensure that resources are allocated proportionately.

The woman cannot have a lower remuneration with respect to the man to the same functions as regards the labor scope, they must obtain the same according to their merits and should not be favored one gender to the detriment of the other. Regardless of gender, equal remuneration must be received in the same employment, with the same responsibilities and obligations.

It should be added a very important aspect, equity does not mean neglecting the characteristics of each gender in particular, an example is that women are entitled, in the same way men, to a longer maternity leave than a paternity leave. In this case, we deal with strictly biological issues and perform what is called positive discrimination between the two sexes

Importance of gender equity

Gender equality is a human right. Women often do not enjoy the same rights as men (in the socio-economic and political arena) because of structural differences and unequal distribution of power. The development of strategies for the promotion of gender equity does not aim to establish a single model of gender relations in society, but rather seeks equal access for women and men to the different spaces and services they request.

It is important that there is gender equality to properly carry out the governance of a state or country. If men and women have equal participation in decision-making processes, the differences in the political system will be reduced, each one being able to express their ideas, priorities and development techniques.

To achieve a balance in society and a correct development of it, it is elementary to respect the contribution of men and women to it, fulfilling the role of citizens and social individuals and generators of resources. As we know, the struggle for women continues, since women have limited access to decision-making in society. Men also do not share household chores, such as housekeeping.

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